Terra-First Solutions is committed to high environmental and quality standards...


Terra-First Solutions business focus is to work with clients to minimize and/or eliminate the environmental impacts of human activities. We believe that to achieve the highest standard of service to our clients, we must be a leader in applying sound environmental management principles to our own business.

It is our policy to:
  • Maintain an Environmental Management System to guide all of our business activities, and be committed to the continual improvement of this system and to our overall environmental performance;

  • Comply with all relevant legislation and regulations and strive to exceed these whenever possible;

  • Minimize pollution in all areas of our business; and

  • Where appropriate, to encourage clients to practice sound environmental management


Terra-First Solutions is committed to:
  • Providing superior quality services in professional forestry, environmental science and management;

  • Providing a high level of client service;

  • Recruiting, developing, and retaining highly qualified, motivated staff and associates;

  • Providing a positive, fair, and nurturing working environment for all employees and associates;

  • Operating in a responsible social, environmental, ethical, and professional manner, complying with all
    legal requirements; and

  • Striving to continuously improve our Quality Management System and our services.

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